TEST - Bluestone State Park

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It’s a local secret that the Bluestone River and Bluestone Lake are the perfect place to reel in an impressive catch! Because of its secluded nature, fishing in the Bluestone is a peaceful getaway. Some locals say below the Bluestone Dam, you’ll find better fishing than even the renowned New River.The 3 most popular game fish to reel in from the Bluestone:
  1. Smallmouth bass 
  2. Rock bass
  3. Bluegill
You can also catch trout, carp, catfish, crappie and a wider variety of bass.But if you’re going for size, then you’re in luck.  Both the largest and heaviest striped bass in state record came out of the Bluestone Lake— the largest was longer than 40 inches, and the heaviest almost tipped the scale past 30 pounds.Because of its scenic setting, hunting is also popular in the Bluestone National Scenic River area. Make sure you have the state licenses and gear for both sports before you go!


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