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Sector 1 Lough Ree Predator Challenge 2022

Limited to 35 Boats REGISTRATION IS IMPERATIVE VIA EMAIL : loughreepredatorchallenge@gmail.com Only after Registration,teams will be asked to pay €20 deposit witch goes for measuring boards and highvis jackets and secure your place in competition which will be returned at the end of competition( when the measuring boards and hyviz jacket have to be returned to same place where you received them) Entry Fee is €60/boat Entry fee can be paid on the ticket link Paypall or Bank Transfer before the competition starts €800 First place €500 Second place €300 Third place €150 Biggest Fish Sponsors ALL ABOVE PRICES BASED ON 35 BOATS 70 ANGLERS! Registration, receiving Measuring board&hi-viz jacket from 7:15-8:40 in a safe manner complying with all guidelines to be respected. Registration point will be announced on the WhatsApp grup! Competition starts 9am and finish at 5pm All teams can fish till 5pm sharp,No fish will count after 5pm. All Measuring Boards&hi-viz jackets have to be returned at the same place before 5:15pm and deposits will be given back ScoreFishing app will be use just like on the events below : Lough Derg Predator Challenge 2020 Lough Derg Predator Challange 2021 Lough Ree Predator Challenge 2021 Pike Master Ireland 2020 Pike Master Ireland 2021 We will use application for getting the picture's in real time The ScoreFishing app can be downloaded from app store or play store, it works on android or iPhone. http://www.scorefishing.com/?locale=en Very easy to use once you download.And it's available in multiple languages. There is a download fee for ScoreFishing app! For more information please visit http://www.scorefishing.com/?locale=ro https://video214.com/play/dmhJg6l6w4djICX0AvC9QA/s/dark https://www.facebook.com/scorefishing/ Anglers catch as many as they can but 3 longest fish of the day will show the Winners( Pike,Perch or Trout) All 3 species(Pike,Perch,Trout) count and we will add extra 100cm for each team who has all 3 species caught If we will have two or more teams with same lengths we will check : 1.Team who will have the longest fish caught first(we will check the time) 2. Number of fish caught ( Pike 60cm,Perch 25cm, Trout 30cm) Rules for this competition Anglers fish in pairs on a boat as a team. Boats must be in suitable condition and checked for any pollution discharge All fish are measured, recorded and returned to the water immediately( on measuring board provided) A team card will have to be also seen in the picture(provided) Hooks on lures must not be baited in any way Only artificial lures! No DeadBait ! No worms! No Minnows! Ground baiting is prohibited Fish finders may be used Foul hooked fish may not be measured Boats shall remain a minimum distance of 50 metres apart From another competitor boats and 100 m distance from other boats(local boats) Only Pike minimum 60cm Trout minimum 30cm Perch minimum 25cm All 3 species count and the measurement will be in cm only. If a Pike is noted 75.5cm the team will receive 75cm same with 2 other species !! We will add 100cm to each team who catch all 3 species! Trolling is permitted(max 2 rods for each boat) Each boat must have a landing net and unhooking pliers/ forceps. Competitors may carry and assemble as many rods as they wish, but they are allowed to use only one rod at the time.( one rod per angler) All fishing starting/finishing times must be strictly followed. Anglers are not allowed to enter the water. Fish played after the ending signal sounds don’t count- even if it’s hooked before signal. In the event of adverse weather conditions the competition must be cancelled or moved to a safer location. If deemed suitable then the anglers are responsible for their own personal safety. Lifejackets must be worn by all onboard. All vessels should include a minimum of one experienced boatsman. All competitors must be made aware of the ‘14 steps to safe boating’ www.iws.ie To protect our waterways and ensure the prevention of the spread of invasive species boats, trailers and equipment should be inspected and cleaned. #LeaveNoTrace https://www.leavenotraceireland.org/ If any of the rules are broken the team/teams will loose the longest fish of the day! This will be backed up by pictures,videos sent to organizer of the event before the results are published! A WhatsApp Group will be created for all conversations before competition 0877926935 Practice will be available on ScoreFishing app before the competition for all teams! *-deposit will be returned after the pack recived will be returned(measuring board,hviz jacket) Once the deposit it is paid and for some reason team will not be able to turn up for the event Deposit will not be returned. All entry fees have to be paid before the event! No refund after 29th of August
Address: Lough Ree
From: 04.09.2022
Starting at: 09:00
To: 04.09.2022