The comprehensive management application for international, national and local competitive angling events

Fishery Reports Competitive Angling Services, F.R.C.A.S., creates a bespoke full entrant list, handles the extensive organization and administration in a fraction of the time, can randomly Or automatically allocate anglers the peg, beat or boat by sector & session, creates visual and interactive results service for game, coarse & sea fishing competitions on lakes and rivers.

Our aim is to modernise competition management, resulting in a fast & efficient service. F.R.C.A.S. will also enhance the competition results and increase interest from the print, TV & online media, new anglers and encourage participation. F.R.C.A.S. offers a fresh lease of life to the existing competition format and will add to the experience of both the competing anglers and the excited spectators.

  • Save £££ & hours of organizations and admin
  • Suitable for small to very large complex competitions
  • Fast and simple to use In Results section...
  • Run as many competitions as you wish
  • Low cost running fees
  • Encourages increased angler and spectator participation
  • Catch & Release competitions now possible
  • Record results at the waterside or at the club house
  • Scoring by team and individual angler
  • Have multiple winners per competition (e.g. largest fish, most fish, time bonus etc)
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  • Suitable for coarse, game or sea fishing competitions
  • Easy to create new competitions
  • Easy to create interactive maps
  • Suitable for simple one off events
  • Suitable for multi-day, multi-session competitions
  • Suitable for peg or beat or boat competitions
  • Scores by Team and/or Individual anglers
  • Multi competitions in one event
  • Competitors, teams & reserves can register & pay online in advance or at the venue
  • Competitors and teams will be registered and automatically allocated places in advance
  • Automatic Entrants List created
  • Automatic (or manual) allocation of boat numbers, boat partners or beat numbers
  • You have full control over entry set up & system
  • Simple integration with your existing scoring methods or use our bespoke scoring system
  • Catch data variables are decided by you
  • Quick & simple. NO FUSS
  • No Internet connection onsite? NO PROBLEM!
  • Scoring can be recorded without an internet connection and uploaded to FRCAS by the touch of a button later
  • You have full control over scoring system
  • Interactive map displays locations of catches and tactics
  • Concerned about rival competitors learning of each others tactics? Catch returns results could be delayed and shown e.g. 1 hour/day/week after the event
  • If the catch returns were input in "real time" then the competition could literally become a spectator sport, with on-line followers watching as all catches were recorded. Or, they could follow a particular team or angler across the event
  • Photos & videos can be added to catches, along with any notes or comments
  • Automated Leader Board
  • You control how & when results are published
Post Event...
  • Standard & bespoke Management Reports available
  • Results can be emailed and sent via SMS message to competitors or ticket holders
  • Results Media Pack available
  • Increase media interest
  • Promote competition waters for post event fishing
  • Marketing by FRCAS for future competitions

For spectators, the catches and result are displayed on a map similar to the one below. Colour coded catch return markers would help differentiate teams and/or anglers. In the image below the Top 10 Fish by size are automatically highlighted.

The interactive maps can be zoomed in and individual catch return details by angler or team can be shown.

The information and interactive service FRCAS can offer will be of real benefit to competitions and would hugely increase the interest from non participating anglers and media (TV, online and print). Anglers would learn a great amount from that information.

Our competition service can be used by fisheries that are already members of Fishery Reports and by fisheries or waters that are not members. F.R.C.A.S. compliments Fishery Reports or can be a standalone service.