Angling Buddies


Angling Buddies, our exciting fishing social media platform, is a place for anglers to share experiences, tips, tactics, photos and even videos of their impressive catches.

More importantly, it as an opportunity for new or inexperienced anglers to buddy up with a much more experienced angler for fishing days and advice. If you’re a seasoned angler, why not lend your expertise and help someone not so practised experience the thrill of fishing? Perhaps the next time you go fishing you could offer an hour or twos guidance to a newcomer.

If you’re new to the wonderful sport of angling, getting some friendly tips or some practical help at the fishery from someone who knows their stuff would be a great starting point. Simply post your fishing plans or questions on our Angling Buddies live blog. Simple as that!

Angling Buddies is a relaxed online community where anglers easily and informally help one another out, whether that may be through simply sharing experiences or tips, or physically lending a helping hand on an anglers first fishing trip.