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Especially designed for the smaller clubs, the Canal pool holds 24 pegs. All pegs on this pool have an island to fish to at 12m. The Carp in this pool are in excess of 20lb, Barbel up to 2.5lb, F1 Carp to 4lb, Bream to 5lb, Tench, Roach to 1lb, Chub to 7lb and Stockies. The margins produce good bags of fish to corn. F1’s, F2’s, Tench and Bream can all be caught at 4m and against the island with the Roach mainly going for maggot. The largest weight recorded on the club pool in 2011 was 264-11 from peg 22 in a 6 hour match. The average depth of this pool if 4ft 6in. There are a number of pegs suitable for disabled anglers.